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Luogo: Livorno

The old fortress: this beautiful, impressive fortification with its three promontories was built in the 1500s to protect the city’s inhabitants, a project coordinated by the celebrated Antonio di San Gallo. Within the fortress you can see what remains of the fortress tower of Matilde di Canossa (16th century), the “pisan” tower (1241) and “la Rocca” of 1377. The itinerary begins with your guide at the entrance to the fortress, and includes a walk through the Venetian quarter. The tour includes a guided visit of the ancient 15th century fortress, a stroll along the raised, circular fortress promontories, a live concert of arias by the Livornese composer Mascagna and a tasting of traditional dishes from Livorno.


  • Meeting point: to be agreed
  • Time: to be agreed
  • Lenght: alf a day
  • Price: €120 for a guide (exempt from IVA), €5 (per person) for tasting + concert (minimum 10 people)