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Location: Livorno
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This boat tour provides the historical profile of Pietro Mascagni. The itinerary begins in Piazza Cavour, heading towards Teatro Goldoni and the Mascagni museum, with a guided visit of the interior of the museum. We then proceed towards the Piazza delle Erbe, the birthplace of Pietro Mascagni, arriving at the Mercato Centrale for a brief visit.

The boat tour follows the historic canals of the Venetian quarter, to discover the Livorno of the 17th century. Aboard the boat there will be a musician playing the arias of Mascagni, alternating with the explanations from the guide.


  • Meeting Point: Piazza Cavour
  • Time: 9:30am
  • Length: half a day
  • Price: €120 for a guide (exempt from IVA), €10 (per person) boat and €10 (per person) entrance to the theatre and museum with theatre guide (minimum 10 people)