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Luogo: Livorno

The Venetian Quarter is situated in the historic centre of Livorno, the most picturesque part of the city. In the 1700s the wealthiest foreign merchants lived here, whose noble residences can still be seen, in addition to the cellars and stockrooms alongside the canal. You can see beautiful places of worship, such as the 18th century church of Santa Caterina, which, with it’s height of 63 metres, is considered one of the most impressive churches in the city. The church also houses Vasari’s painting “L’incoronazione della Vergine” (The Coronation of the Virgin).


  • Meeting point: to be agreed
  • Time: to be agreed
  • Lenght: half a day
  • Price: €120 for a guide (exempt from IVA), €10 (per person) boat (minimum 20 people)